Full Body Pillow

Model: PL-BDY-01
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Full Body Pillow

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Transform the way you relax with the ObusForme Full Body Pillow. The four foot length provides the perfect firm support for the back and neck while sitting up in bed, while also offering soft support when used as a sleep accessory. This pillow is especially effective for expectant mothers, as the four foot length allows for support between the legs and under the belly to create an ideal relaxing position.
    The 4-foot long full-length body pillow provides versatile, multi-purpose support for lounging or reading. This includes firm support for the back and neck while sitting up in bed, and soft support for use as a sleeping pillow.
    The Body Pillow can be placed between the legs and under the belly while expectant mothers are laying on their side for ultimate comfort and relief.
    The Polyurethane Base Antibacterial Fiberfill assists in inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria, mold and fungus, allowing you to feel safe and healthy while relaxing or sleeping.
    The ObusForme Full Body Pillow is covered in a luxuriously soft, 200-thread-count 100% cotton fabric, maximizing comfort and flexibility whether you are lounging around or getting a good night’s sleep.

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